Heartfelt thanks as classrooms are blessed

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Heartfelt thanks as classrooms are blessed

Students released balloons at the end of the official blessing and opening of redeveloped classrooms at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School in Launceston.

The ceremony on Friday, October 27, marked the completion of two years of work.

Launceston Parish Priest and Northern Dean Fr Mark Freeman said that Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School was a place where people gathered to learn, rest and play, and where hearts and minds were nourished.

“In some senses the sole purpose of the classrooms which we are privileged to bless today is so that people can gather together to be nourished, to be strengthened, to be educated, to be formed, to be enabled to use their gifts that God has given – whatever those gifts are – to use those gifts for the good of others in the spirit of the overflowing love of Jesus that is signified to us in the title Sacred Heart,” he said.

He asked God to bless the new facilities, the teaching and support staff, the students who would learn and make discoveries in the refurbished rooms, and their families and friends.

School captain Kaleb, 12, welcomed the school community and guests to what he described as an important day for the school.

“Let us remember that, as many hands build this school, so many hearts make our school,” he said.

“Let this building be a symbol of the great future of our school, Sacred Heart.”

The building work cost $970,000 and Principal Brent Wilson said he was relieved that the work was now over.

“Our two-year building journey ends with the official blessing and opening of our classrooms and complete refurbishment of every classroom,” Mr Wilson said.

Students look on as Launceston Parish Priest Fr Mark Freeman blesses refurbished classrooms at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School in Launceston, watched by the director of Catholic Education Tasmania, John Mula (right) and the assistant director (north) Tasmanian Catholic Education Office and a former principal of Sacred Heart, Matt Jones (far right).