Deacon says prayer for marriage ‘vital’

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Deacon says prayer for marriage ‘vital’

A Hobart deacon says prayer is a ‘natural response’ to the current debate around the redefinition of marriage.
Deacon Nick MacFarlane of St Mary’s Cathedral Parish in Hobart has been leading a group rosary for marriage every Saturday at 9am for the past six weeks.
He says it started on someone’s suggestion and has become a “beautiful time” of prayer.
“I really enjoy it – it's a beautiful time. We pray up in the nave of the cathedral there in those eight windows of Our Lady of different aspects. And, if we say the Litany or the rosary, we're thinking about all those things, and thinking about what a wonderful vision [Mary] is of the power of humble prayer – because she exemplifies it,” he said.

Deacon MacFarlane says that prayer is vital as the current fight is a spiritual one.

“It's the evil one who hates good marriages and children brought up knowing their father and their mother and all that is God's plan. He’s been at it ever since Adam. So, it's a spiritual thing. And so, the first response needs to be a spiritual response,” he said.

“When we do it together, we draw strength from that. And so that enables us to have more hope. And, being more hopeful, we're also enabled to do a bit more … And it also enables us to be more loving towards our opponents as well in this, as Jesus tells us we have to be.”

Deacon MacFarlane says that no ‘end date’ has yet been set for the prayer group.

“We'll certainly go to the end of the plebiscite period - it may stop then. But if there was a group that wanted to keep going on, it would be a really great thing to have people come together and say the rosary for our parish, our Church and for our country,” he said.