Claremont man of service retires

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Claremont man of service retires

Mike Quinn, who has been parish secretary at Claremont Parish for 20 years, retired from his position on 30 June.

Mr Quinn and wife Frances moved to Claremont and became parishioners at Claremont Parish in 1974. They had three children and were involved in the Catholic Family Movement for five years, before moving to Cygnet where the family became involved with the Cygnet Parish for almost nine years under Fr Graeme Howard.

When the Quinn family returned to Claremont in 1995, Fr Ron Nissen SM asked Mr Quinn to form a parish finance council.

“It was probably the first finance council in the Claremont Parish. There were three parishioners involved before the Council expanded. The Council worked really well,” Mr Quinn said. 

Mr Quinn became parish Secretary in October 1997 and during his tenure has worked with six different priests; witnessed the amalgamation of Claremont with Bridgewater-Brighton Parish, and then saw Claremont reinstated as a stand-alone parish. In 2008, Mr Quinn edited a book on the 50th Anniversary of St Bernard’s Church.

“I’ve met many people connected to Claremont Parish and I hope I have been able to serve them in one way or another. If it pleases God, I hope to contribute in some way into the future,” Mr Quinn said.

Claremont parish priest Fr Suresh Sesusion thanked Mr Quinn on behalf of the parish community for his ‘great work’. Mrs Judith Andrews commenced in the role of parish secretary on 3 July.