Bridget shares about her experience at the Immaculata Mission School

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Bridget shares about her experience at the Immaculata Mission School

Bridget Sexton, 26, Launceston

This is going to sound bad but to be honest, I didn’t really want to come to Mission School, but I had friends that were going and they were really encouraging me to go and then I suppose they wore me down.

I feel like I’ve gained a lot from Mission School. I’ve grown to realise that our Catholic faith isn’t just about going to church on the weekend, it’s actually about a relationship with God, and I guess Mission School has sort of started that relationship with God with me.

Something that stood out to me was the talks on the Theology of the Body. I found them really interesting and a lot of things brought up in those talks I’d never really thought about before, such as when they were talking about purity and modesty and beauty, and how all of those things should fit in with our life, and what that is supposed to look like in this day and age.

A highlight of Mission School for me would be just getting to know people of the Catholic faith that are really similar to me in circumstance. I guess I’ve just met so many people that I’ve fallen in love with because everybody here has just been so beautiful, welcoming and lovely. I was really nervous coming because I didn’t think I’d know anybody and I didn’t think I’d be able to talk to or connect to anybody but honestly I have not come across one person yet who has not welcomed me in as a brother or sister – I love that.

The experience of prayer has been really wonderful. I guess before I came to Mission School, I didn’t really know that much about prayer. All I knew was that I would pray alone in my head in the quiet, but I guess I’ve learnt that there are different ways to pray.

I’ve really enjoyed the adoration because I haven’t really experienced much adoration before and I feel like my prayer during adoration is really beneficial.

Another part of the Mission School that I surprisingly enjoyed was going to confession. I’d been to confession before – I usually only go to confession when there are big events on like ACYF (the Australian Catholic Youth Festival) or Mission School – but it’s made me realise how important confession is and I’ve been a couple of times while on Mission School and it feels great. I feel like it’s something I want to continue.

Mission School’s been great – I’ve loved it.