Archbishop provides formation in faith

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Archbishop provides formation in faith

Ties to a French-speaking Catholic family in Quebec, along with Archbishop Julian’s busy travel schedule has been the catalyst for a Hobart man to become Catholic.

Michael Hughes had been living in Quebec for four years when his girlfriend’s sister asked him whether he would consider becoming a Godfather for her son Phillippe. That invitation got him thinking.

“I wanted to grow closer to them spiritually, and feel what they felt and do what they did,” Mr Hughes said.

With a view to asking his Quebecer girlfriend Ann-Sophie to marry him, and wanting to be married in a Catholic Church, Michael looked into becoming Catholic.

During work, Mr Hughes would see Archbishop Julian come to and from Hobart airport. His work colleagues knew he was seeking understanding of the Catholic faith so they encouraged him to approach His Grace to ask for guidance.

“I was a bit nervous because of his high standing, but who better to ask than the Catholic Archbishop of Hobart,” Mr Hughes said.

Archbishop Julian personally met with Mr Hughes to form him in his faith and prepare him for the sacraments.

“I wanted to get an unbiased view. I chose to learn the teachings of the Catholic faith so I could be informed myself,” he said.
Mr Hughes made his Confirmation and First Holy Communion on the feast of Corpus Christi at St Mary’s Cathedral on June 18.