Achievements in work, life, & sport celebrated at Blueline Laundry

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Achievements in work, life, & sport celebrated at Blueline Laundry

Archdiocese of Hobart social enterprise Blueline Laundry presented four of its staff with the prestigious Charles Mansfield Achievement Award earlier this month.

Scheduled to align with the U.N. mandated International Day of People with Disability, Blueline Laundry CEO Andrew Hill presented Rebecca Kerrison and Joshua Reid (Launceston), and Max Swifte and Caroline Reid (Hobart) with their awards at separate lunchtime celebrations. Mr Swifte and Ms Reid have together given 54 years of service to Blueline Laundry.

The Charles Mansfield Achievement Award is named after one of the founders of the laundry, and is presented annually to workers within Blueline Laundry’s Supported Employment program who have excelled at work through their individual endeavour and eagerness to learn new skills. The award also acknowledges the person’s engagement in the community outside of the work environment.

“Blueline Laundry is a unique employer because we exist to provide meaningful employment and nationally-recognised certificate training to people living with intellectual disability within a fully integrated commercial laundry environment,” CEO Andrew Hill said.

Photo: L-R: Caroline Reid and Max Swifte pictured with their awards in Hobart.