Christmas message 2017

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Life can throw up many challenges. While we hope for a peaceful and happy existence, we can find setbacks and sufferings come our way. Often they are unexpected and can hit us hard. We can find ourselves struggling and alone. We can experience feeling isolated and overwhelmed.

Human life can prove to be a hard journey when times of darkness come upon us.

Christmas offers us a promise that we are not abandoned. God, who always acts with love, has come among us. God has chosen not just to instruct us, but to embrace our human life. When he chose to come, he came in simplicity and humility. He came among the poor and dispossessed. He chose to share the fragility and vulnerability of human existence.

We sing in our much-loved Christmas carols that “a Saviour has been born for us”. Christ’s coming is God’s act to save. Humanity has not been left to its own resources. Christ’s birth is the great act of compassion and mercy towards those who suffer.

At Christmas this year, if we are experiencing pain or isolation, we can lift up our hearts towards the God who saves. In looking at the Christmas crib, at Mary and Joseph and the child Jesus, we can see that in an extraordinary way God is with us in our human weakness and vulnerability.

We are not isolated and alone in our struggles. We are not abandoned. Immanuel, God is with us. All that is required from us is to ask for help. And help will be given.

Archbishop Julian Porteous

Listen to Archbishop Julian’s Christmas radio message.